Welcome Investor`s

Thank you for your interest in investing in "Walking Shops". With your company's funds we would be able to open more shops in different locations world-wide.

We opened our original locations recently, and started turning a profit because the concept of "Walking Shops" is so unique that its becoming popular in local community. Being in early stage, we are planing to hire on a number of great employees. The gross numbers have been steadily escalating as "Walking Shops" grows in popularity.

After doing a great deal of research on various locations, we are convinced that locations with dense population, nearby businesses and promixity to the local stores; would bring in almost double the revenue.

We know that investor's takes pride helping small business grow, and with your help, opening new locations would help our small business into the thriving Local Walking Shops that we had always hoped for. Your investment would not only benifit "Walking Shops", but yourself as investors and all the surrounding neighborhoods where "Walking Shops" reaches.

You may reach us anytime at (+91)-98-030-69555 or write Hello to sharat@walkingshops.com

Eagerly Waiting for an encouragement.

Walking Shops Team