Who we are?

WalkingShops.com connecting offline merchants on an online platform, offers a trusted online shopping environment worldwide, option to select the best nearby shop, locally known and famous brands, and outstanding shopping experience. The range of products at WalkingShops include grocery products, Bakery and Dairy, Flowers and Decoration, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Kitchen Wares, Cooked Food / Meals, Personal Care items and incorporating more.

WalkingShops enables local shops and merchants to enjoy the benefits of superior technology, exploring their own area, reaching new customers, unmatched marketing expertise, robust fulfillment processes, and reliable payment facility.

An initiative by RiAcube.us; serving the IT industry since Y2K. WalkingShops.com founded in 2015, is one of the fastest grown online portal in this segment. We are the first website to be operated on the 'managed marketplaces' model in Daily Needs products, wherein the company does not stock or purchase any inventory for retail business rather simply provides a platform to establish a connection between buyers and local sellers in a fully-managed environment.